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S A L O U - From 16th June to 13rd of July

The Corporation of Salou and the Museum of Contemporary Enamelling (MECS), in collaboration with CIDAE hereby convokes the VII International “World of Enamelling” Exhibition for which the following REGULATIONS apply:

01.- Participants: All enamellers from anywhere in the world may participate, once they have read and accepted the full content of these REGULATIONS.

02.- Theme: The compulsory theme is “The NUDE” (female or male human body) in panels (bidimensional representation) or sculptural representation (three-dimensional) in pieces, which measurements should not be less than 20 centimetres (in at least one side) or greater than 30 cm. Panels with no frame ! Sculptures only with small support if necessary.

03.- Works: Each participant may present from one to three works recently made and of their own creation. The sole use of mechanical processes of enamelling will be automatically excluded, likewise any other enamelling process other than fired enamel on metal fired at a minimum temperature of 500º centigrade.
All fired enamelling techniques, all styles and concepts of plastic expression will be accepted.

04.- Jury: The jury will be formed of the following members:
-Pere Granados, Cultural advisor of the Salou City Hall
-Núria López-Ribalta, Doctor in Fine Arts and teacher of enamelling in High School of Art and Design .Barcelona
-Antoni Villar. Artist painter and teacher of Enamelling Design in High School of Art and Design .Barcelona
-Andreu Vilasís, Director of MECS and President of CIDAE. Curator of the Competition will act as secretary of the jury.
Apart from its task of awarding Prizes, this jury will see to the strict implementation of these regulations and also, if necessary, exclude any works that they deem deficient in artistic or technical worth, or in which enamelling is insufficiently represented or if the work was very different from the presented picture.

05.- Prizes: The following prizes are set up:
- International Prize endowed with a sum of 1800€, open to all participants.
The prize money awarded will be subject to taxation according to current legislation.
The work awarded the international Prize will become the property of MECS.
- The National “Emison” Prize, endowed with 600 €, open to all participants from the State (Spain). The work awarded the national “Emison” Prize will remain the property of its sponsor.
-The “CIDAE Trophy”, consisting of a diploma and a trophy, open to associates of CIDAE participating in the competition.
-The Jury may grant honorary mentions or other distinction if they deem it appropriate.
06.- Verdict: The decisions of the Jury will be made known the same day 16th of July, during the course of the Opening Ceremony of the exhibition.
07.- Inscriptions: Inscription is totally free. In order to formalize inscription each participant will have to follow the procedure described below:
Complete the enclosed inscription form and make a photocopy and:
a) Send to: CIDAE, C/ Ciutat de Balaguer, 17 -08022 Barcelona (Spain), before 1st of May 2007, the following documents:
- a copy of the inscription form
- a colour photograph of each work presented in the competition, compulsory format: (pictures on paper) 13 x 18 cm. (For selection of works and production of catalogue) Neither slides nor CD support images will be accepted, nor by e-mail.
Photographs must be numbered, have the name of the author and be in the order in which they are listed in the inscription form.
Photographs must be of high standard as they will be used, if the case warrants it, for reproduction in the catalogue.
Regulations and inscription forms can be found on:
Complementary information referring this exhibition to the electronic address:
All documents sent will become the property of MECS for deposit in their archives.
The organization will send all participants notification of whether they have been selected or not. Once participants have received notification of selection, they must proceed in the following manner:
b) Send the work/s with adequate protective packing, which will be used for return postage. The works must be correctly identified on the back, with the name of the author, the number corresponding to the photograph and the title if there is one.
- enclose with the work/s a second copy of the inscription form, together with an adhesive label with the complete name and address of the author to be used in returning the works.
- the works and completed documents must arrive between 15 – 20 May 2007, at the address of the Salou City Hall :
AJUNTAMENT DE SALOU. Cultura. “Biennal de l’Esmalt”.
Passeig de la Segregació, 4 – 43840 SALOU (Tarragona). SPAIN.
The cost of sending the works to Salou will be met by the participants, together with the transport insurance, which is optional for authors
08.- Exhibition: An exhibition of the selected works will be organized in the temporary exhibitions rooms of the Torre Vella linked to the Museu de l´Esmalt Contemporani (Contemporary Enamelling Museum) from 16 of June to 13 of July 2007.
The organization assumes responsibility for the costs of contracting global insurance for this exhibition.
09.- Catalogue: A catalogue with reproductions, plus a list of all participants in the exhibition will be published. All those inscribed, whether selected or not, will receive a copy of this catalogue which will be given to all those present at the opening, or will be enclosed in the return packet for those not present. The participation certificate and catalogue will be able also picked up during the exhibition requesting it to the information desk.
10.- Return of the works: The works can be picked up personally at Torre Vella from 14th to 17th of July during the opening hours of the exhibition halls (tel 977 38 32 35). Works not picked up will be packed and returned by post since end of July. Cost of return of the works will be met by the organization.
11.- Preferential right of purchase of works: In case of works for sale, the Salou City Hall reserves the right of preferential purchase.
12.- Author’s rights and unforeseen eventualities: Every participant cedes author´s rights to the organization while the exhibition lasts and these reserve the non-lucrative right to photograph, reproduce, televise and circulate the works, totally or partially.
The organisers are authorized to settle doubtful or unforeseen cases.
Das Anmeldeformular können Sie per E-Mail anfordern bei:

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